A powerful and fast acting, acid free wheel cleaner that is safe to use on all alloy wheel finishes.  The unique formula contains a strong blend of cleaning agents and degreasers that will break down brake dust and road dirt, whilst being safe on alloys that have been protected with a sealant.


Available in 500ml, 5 Litre and 25 Litre


How to use


  • Spray directly to all parts of the wheel ensuring an even covering.
  • Using a small brush agitate the product in areas that are extremely dirty.
  • Remove the product by pressure washing or using a hose pipe, ensure that all the product is removed before moving on to the next wheel.


Top Tip


  • For extremely dirty wheels, apply the product to all 4 wheels and leave to work for a couple of minutes.
  • Remove the product via a pressure washer or hose pipe and then start the cleaning process on each wheel.
  • The initial clean will have dislodged and removed a large amount of the built up dirt.

Wheel Cleaner - 500ml / 5 Litre / 25 Litre

SKU: WC500