Designed to work in conjunction with Exclusive Sio2 Ceramic Wax.  It helps to add those finishing touches to your vehciles, ensuring that any unwanted finger marks or dust particles are removed without having to repeat the wash process.


The specially designed formula adds gloss and leaves a super phobic layer on your paintwork with excellent results.  A quick and easy way to extend the durability of your current layer of protection.


Available in 500ml and 5 Litre.


How to use


  • Ensure the vehicle has been cleaned and dried.
  • Apply 1 - 2 sprays to a panel or directly to your microfibre cloth and gentley buff the entire panel using the product.
  • Using a second microfibre cloth, continue to buff any remaining residue to leave a glossy finish.


Top Tip


  • Exclusive SiO2 Ceramic Quick Detailer delivers great results on all types of protection and unprotected vehicles.  It is a perfect quick detailer to extended the durability of ceramic coated vehicles.




SiO2 Ceramic Quick Detailer - 500ml / 5 Litre