SiO2 Ceramic Wax

SiO2 Ceramic Wax

SKU: SiO2CW100

Developed and created using SiO2 ceramic technology and advanced ceramic based polymers.  This creates a durable wax resulting in 6 to 8 months protection.  It is a perfect wax for vehicles of all colours and offers impressive gloss and beading results.


Volume - 100ml


How to use


  • For best results, ensure that the paintwork is free from contamination and prepare using Exclusive Pre Wax Cleanser.
  • Using a damp clean applicator pad, apply a thin coat to 1 to 2 panels at a time and leave for a couple of minutes before buffing to a high gloss finish with a clean, dry buffing towel.
  • Leave to cure for 2 hours before layering.


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