An easy to use sealant that can protect your vehicles paintwork against the elements for up to 4 months from one application.  The specifically designed formula adds gloss and clarity to the paintwork, whilst forming a strong and protective barrier.  For improved results it can be layered to add a deeper shine or finished off with one of our Exclusive waxes to extended the protection.


Volume - 500ml


How to use


  • Ensure the paintwork is fully clean and prepared.
  • Apply 2 - 3 small drops to an applicator pad, this should be enough per panel.
  • Working in straight lines with light pressure, apply a thin and even coating ensuring that the full panel is coated prior to moving on to the next panel.
  • Once the film has dried, use a clean microfibre cloth and buff off any remaining residue.


Top tip


  • For best results use Exclusive Pre Wax Cleanser to prepare your paintwork in the best possible way, this will help to improve the finish.

Protection Glaze - 500ml

SKU: PG500