An important product when it comes to getting the best results from your chosen wax or sealant.  By using pre wax cleanser it helps to prepare the paintwork to esnure that a wax or sealant can fully cure to the paintwork and helps to improve the durability and finish.


An easy to use product that only takes minutes to complete, but can help to ensure your vehicle is protected for longer periods which saves you having to repeat the protection process more often.


Volume - 500ml


How to use


  • Ensure the paintwork is fully clan and prepared.
  • Apply 2 - 3 small drops to an applicator pad, this should be enough per panel.
  • Working in straight lines with light pressure, apply a thin and even coating ensuring that the full panel is coated prior to moving on the the next panel.
  • Once the film has dried, use a clean microfibre cloth and buff off any remaining residue.


Top tip


  • Follow up with your chosen wax or sealant to add protection to your vehicle.

Pre Wax Cleanser - 500ml