Desinged to leave a super glossy finish, whilst reducing any defects such as paint swirls or light scratches.  An easy to use polish that gives great results on its own, or even better when finished off with an Exclusive wax.


Volume - 500ml


How to use


  • Ensure the paintwork is fully clean and prepared.
  • Apply 2 - 3 small drops to an applicator pad, this should be enough per panel.
  • Working in straight lines with light pressure, apply a thin and even coating ensuring that the full panel is coated prior to moving on to the next panel.
  • Once the film has dried, use a clean microfibre cloth and buff off any remaining residue.


Top tip


  • To lock in that rich glossy look, finish off with one of our Exclusive waxes for extended protection.

Cleansing Polish - 500ml

SKU: CP500